Home Care

The rights and interests of the elderly is best protected and well cared for in their homes. This reality has no change even when their loved and dear ones are not near. The Trust provides its services at the door steps of our elderly. We function as the extended hands of the children who are willing, but unable to reach out their parents/elders in need due to unavoidable reasons. We look after parents in their own family setting with mutual understanding of responsibilities.

This programme delivers services for:

  • Emotional support to elders by regular home-visits
  • Periodical Geriatric counseling / Family counseling by professionals
  • Medical support by periodical house visits by professionals
  • Medical emergencies and Hospital care services
  • House maintenance support
  • Finance management services
  • Availing Pensions & Insurance
  • Banking services
  • Mobility support by facilitating vehicles and drivers for travel
  • Food and contingency support
  • Land management and maintenance support
  • Last Right Management services
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