Angels carried him to the heavens

Satheesan was born and brought up in a Hindu, Nabiar family with all the traditional ways of living..... On his way fighting the realities of the world, he found active politics as way of life. His fulltime politics didn’t let him even to marry, since he was busy with. Time went on he had face with the harsh reality of sidelining in politics. Alcohol entered as villain which later drew his line….. There had an emergency call in an evening from the Anganwadi worker.  She took us to a dilapidated royal house of ancient times. There we found Isolated, dejected and diseased Satheesan. Anyone can easily notice that he is on his bed for weeks. No food, no clothing or even a roof to protect him. He was surviving for five days by water alone…..  No one in the neighborhood realized his pathetic life under the falling roof. Immediately he was taken to Beach Hospital, but the government machineries were helpless to protect such a man who has no disease other than nutritional deficiencies. Discharged Satheesan was taken to the care of Karuna Bhavan Homage. The warm welcome, cheering face of the inmates and the caring hands spread hope in his life. Three days of divine care brought certain glow in his eyes. His final breath in the hands of angels….