Community & Institutional Care  

Who will look after me when I am Old and Sick!!!!!??? Many of us might have asked this question at least once!!!  Why we ask this? We envy of our grandparents and their forefathers, who had their luxury to be looked after by their children when they were old and sick. Most of them passed away from their own homes in the presence of their kith and kin. We too love to have our dear and near ones with us when we are old and sick. But for many it will remain a wish. The world has changed and nobody can stop the change happen. Joint family had given way to nuclear families and nuclear families to ……..!!!!!  Leading a comfortable life is everybody’s dream. Old age is found to be an opportunity for life to be celebrated and lived. Community life is one such possibility to build up life for people in their twilight. We visualize places where Old people can lead an independent life in individual houses within the security  of a community. There are care takers to look after their daily needs, health care professionals available on call, common facilities for recreation and dining, facilities for easy mobility and all.  Our policy is to promote home care and only in times of dare need we refer someone for institutional care.