Home Care  

Sumathy had glorious past of a free bird. 32 years back she had a stroke resulting paralysis.  Her will power made her strong enough to sit alone and move around using hands. She mastered to spin cotton yarn which brought her livelihood. Her parents passed away 26 years back leaving her sickly sister Lakshmi, for her care. Both aged sisters (Lakshmi – 62 and Sumathy - 58)  live under a roof in a desperate situation. They find it hard to meet both the ends of life with the meager income they receive from spinning yarn. Health of Lakshmi is deteriorating day by day. She finds it hard even to move around the house. They don’t have anyone around them to ake support.  Sumathy, despite her age and paralysis dares to fight all the odds. It was astonishing to find the positive energy that flows around them. No grumbles or worries but content and enthusiasm radiating around them that motivate the Living Life workers to visit them regularly. They need certain assurances that they are not alone. They have someone to care in their emergencies. Periodical visits Living Life professionals ensure that they have now a space to ventilate.