About Us

Living Life Trust is a registered charitable trust facilitating people to lead a life of fulfillment. We focus on all the stages of life in order to celebrate the best in our society.  Especially, let no one worry about their old age.
This organization led by women had its genesis from the strong desire of members to give back to their parents and people of that age, the love, care and attention they once generously received. The trust is constituted and managed by a team of professionals in philanthropic works with rich experiences in developmental initiatives for the last two decades.
Our mission is to spread love and happiness among our elders to help them live their life in its fullness till their last breath.
Being one of the critical stages in one’s life, old age requires special care and support. It doesn’t mean that one cannot enjoy life since he or she is aged. One may be suffering from health problems and have low physical strength but may still possess a young mind. An atmosphere of positivity will help the elderly recognize and acknowledge the good in the events that happen around them in daily life. This is the way to celebrate life.
The scenario of rapid social change happening in Kerala in terms of shifting lifestyles poses massive human development challenges to the state in the form of its fast growing elderly population, compared to other states in India. A growing elderly population is a global phenomenon but Kerala's demographic transition — from a state with high mortality and high fertility to one with a low count in both of these — outpaces that of the rest of the country by 25 years, according to the Kerala Development Report published by the Planning Commission. The prime reasons cited for this situation are heavy migration of the young out of Kerala, and the frequent return of the elderly to spend their sunset years in the state. In short, the secondary effects of migration of people during the past decades have begun to haunt Kerala now.
            Decades ago, the practice of the elderly living with non-relatives or strangers was not common here. But now the picture is changing; Kerala has the highest number of old-age homes in the country. It is tough for the elderly to adjust to a home away from home. A good number of elderly prefer to stay in their own homes, a Center for Development Studies survey in 2009 reports. The silent cry of elderly to enjoy the warmth of their loved ones beckons our attention today.
Living Life Trust join hands with people who are ready to care our elders. We nurture voluntarism to provide all round support especially emotional support to our aged elders. Here is a platform for people to come and share their love and concerns for the Aged. We welcome supporters for our endeavor to supply them regular food and medicines. We vow not to let any aged person run from pillar to post for their basic needs.